About Miss CV

“Often, professional women find themselves victims of implicit bias, which may explain why so few of them achieve positions of leadership, compared to men with similar qualifications. I wanted to discover the driving forces behind this divide and devise methods to mitigate implicit bias so that women can represent their accomplishments as competitively as possible.” 

Elle Loveless

Miss CV Professional Writing Services

Miss CV was conceived as a platform to help women and otherwise marginalized individuals maximize their professional success, especially with professional materials.

Beginning with word choice and the showcasing of certain accomplishments, Elle and the others at Miss CV work to engineer CVs, resumes, and cover letters to offer clients the best shot at their dream job. Through these materials and interview coaching, Miss CV services empower and prepare clients to enter the job market.

At Miss CV, we believe that knowledge is power.

The Represent Yourself blog serves to offer readers free information on everything they need to improve their professional lives.

From issues that affect women in the workplace to professional materials to interview tips, everyone can find something useful to sharpen their edge in the workplace.

If you are a woman, man, extraterrestrial, lizard person, seasoned employee, or recent college graduate, Miss CV is here to help you Represent Yourself.