Custom Resume or CV + Cover Letter


Miss CV’s most popular package– a beautifully styled resume or CV with matching cover letter, perfectly suited to your prospective employer’s needs.


Let Miss CV do the heavy lifting on your resume or CV. With this service, you will fill in your personal details and experience on an easy to follow questionnaire, which Miss CV will transform into your resume or CV. Coupled with a matching custom cover letter, specifically suited for the job you’re applying for, your application packet is sure to capture the attention of your prospective employers.¬†

What you will receive:

  • A resume or CV with language to combat implicit bias in hiring
  • A cover letter customized for the job you’re applying for
  • Custom templates from Fledge Co. Resumes
  • Unlimited revisions¬†
  • A copy of Represent Yourself: Miss CV’s Official Interview Guide

How it works:

After purchase, check your email for the form requiring your personal details. Fill it out, send it off, and Miss CV will deliver your personalized resume or CV and cover letter within 3 days.

Resume/CV Number of Pages

1, 2, 3, 4, 5+


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